Best Uses for Your Sub Zero Ice Makers this summer

lemon slices on iceWith summer in full force here in Manhattan, there’s no better time for extravagant get-togethers, parties, and events. With the warm weather providing the perfect opportunity for some outdoor fun, it’s also important to stay cool on the hotter, humid days. Though a Sub-Zero ice maker may seem like a simple appliance, there are plenty of ways you can utilize it to help stay cool all summer long.

Throw a Party

The summer is the perfect time to throw a friends and family party, just because! With the help of your Sub-Zero ice maker you’ll be able to provide ice cold refreshments to all who attend without needing to refill tray after tray of ice cubes. Since your ice maker will produce in bulk, you’ll never have to wait around for the next batch to be frozen before you can serve up more refreshments. You can also blend up a ton of delicious smoothies for all of your guests without ever worrying about running out of ice.

Keep Your Animals Cool

If you have pets in the house, it’s important to ensure they stay cool as well. Adding an ice cube or two into their water dish can help cool their body temperature after a long walk outdoors. With a Sub-Zero ice maker, you can rest assured that you’ll have enough ice in the house for you and your furry companions.

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