Refrigerator Repair in SoHo, NY

Your Sub-Zero appliances are made of many moving parts that work together to keep food, drinks, and ice at the correct cold temperature. There may be times when even these highly reliable appliances need a little tender loving care. Turn to Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. for service from trained and experienced technicians.

One of the most common problems that can occur with refrigerators is dirt on the coil, which interferes with smooth operations. Do not let that result in the loss of all of that food. Instead, turn to one of our technicians for refrigerator repair in SoHo, New York. We carry all the parts and equipment necessary for repairs to residential and commercial appliances right on our trucks to speed up service time.

Keeping Your Freezer Cold 24/7

You reach inside the freeze and find to your surprise that the temperature is not as cold as it should be. Do not waste time trying to troubleshoot the problem as that meat and those prepared meals are in risk of thawing out. Call us for freezer repair any time of the day or night. Our technicians are available for service around the clock. We are ready to respond to your calls for help whenever you need us. That is how dedicated we are.

The most common problem with freezers is that the door does not close properly. Often, the seal is weak or worn. In this situation, you likely need a new door. Rely on our technicians for the proper diagnosis for many of them have more than 30 years of experience.

Swift Ice Maker Repair and Diagnosis from Experienced Technicians

A mechanical failure may be to blame when the ice in your appliance turns to water. At home, this is inconvenient, especially if you have a party planned. At a restaurant, this can be a disaster for your customers cannot order the cold beverage of their choice. Reach out to our technicians for ice maker repair. With our skill and experience, it does not take long to discover the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Maintain Your Cooler to Protect Fine Wine

We recommend regular maintenance for all of your Sub-Zero appliances, but wine coolers in particular. Unlike a refrigerator or freezer that you open and shut many times a day, you may only occasionally get into your wine cooler so you may not even know there is a problem. That is why we believe maintenance is so important. Our knowledgeable technicians check and replace worn parts to keep everything operating smoothly. Routine maintenance reduces the need for wine cooler repair.

Contact us today for the maintenance and repair services that keep your Sub-Zero appliances working properly. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients in SoHo, New York.