Refrigerator Repair in NoHo, NY

Your refrigerator is making strange sounds and the temperature inside is rising. You worry that the food and drink you have stored inside will go bad unless something is done quickly. Turn to the skilled technicians at Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. for refrigerator repair in NoHo, New York.

Within 30 to 90 minutes, our company sends an experienced technician to your door. Count on this professional to provide you with exceptional service, while working swiftly to find the problem and make the fix. As it is our practice to travel with a full inventory of Sub-Zero parts, we have everything that is needed to make the repair right at hand.

Saving Food in Cold Storage with Freezer Repair

Even a small freezer has room to store hundreds of dollars’ worth of food, such as steaks, seafood, prepared meals, and fancy desserts. With a large freezer at a restaurant, the price tag increases to thousands of dollars. That is one of the reasons we respond with urgency to your service call for freezer repair. We do not want you to lose money or suffer any inconvenience. Depend on our technicians to make repairs with haste so that your freezer is restored to peak condition as soon as possible.

Smell and Taste Serve as Warning Signs about Ice Maker Problems

You notice that the ice in your ice maker smells funny. So, you follow up by tasting a piece and discover the taste is off. These are warning signs that your appliance needs ice maker repair. There may be mold and mildew growing inside the machine that is affecting the taste. This could be the result of unclean conditions inside the machine or a mechanical failure. Call on the professionals who are factory-trained to repair your Sub-Zero appliance and soon you have all the ice you want for your chilled beverages.

Repairing Your Cooler to Save the Wine

It is likely that you have a great deal of money invested inside your wine cooler. After all, you do not make a purchase like this for your home without a great interest in wine or for your business unless it contributes to the bottom line. This appliance must be in good working order or it may affect how the wine matures. We recommend that you schedule regular wine cooler repair and maintenance.

Just like with a car, maintenance keeps this machinery working efficiently. We can clean your cooler and tune it up. This involves checking parts to see that they are not worn and seeing that everything is working as it should. We also check on how the wine is stored, as well as how the cooler is installed as these affect the taste of the wine. Count on our technicians to protect your investment with expert service.

Contact us today to save the food and drink in your Sub-Zero appliances with timely repair. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients in NoHo, New York.