Refrigerator Repair in Chelsea, NY

When your fridge breaks down, there is no time to lose. Call Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp. for same-day refrigerator repair in Chelsea, NY, and the other neighborhoods of Manhattan. Our technicians work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to save your food from spoiling.  We guarantee that we will arrive quickly and with all the necessary parts and tools to tackle your refrigeration problem. Furthermore, we never charge extra for weekend and holiday visits. Give us a call when your fridge stops working or starts acting up for a fast fix.

Stay Cool When Your Freezer Breaks Down

There’s no need to panic when your freezer stops working. Our freezer repair technicians will be on the scene in no time to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. We have been repairing fridges, freezers, and other refrigeration systems since 1945, so there are few challenges we haven’t faced before. In addition, we have experience with all makes and models, including residential and commercial freezer varieties. No matter what kind of unit you have keeping your food cold and safe, we know how to address any minor and major repair needs.

Solutions for Your Ice Maker Troubles

Ice makers make it easy to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink any time. Many businesses also rely on commercial models to quickly provide a large supply of ice. However, these convenient appliances can also present their share of troubles and break down. When you need ice maker repair services, talk to our factory-trained technicians. We know how to resolve a wide range of ice maker problems, including misshapen cubes, jams, leaks, dirty water, and other issues. Whether you are experiencing trouble with the ice maker built into your fridge or the free-standing unit at your business, you can count on us.

Make Sure Your Wine Is Preserved Safely

Wines are admired for their complex and subtle flavors and aromas. However, if your wine is stored incorrectly, temperature fluctuations can alter the taste and smell of the wine. This is why many collectors invest in a wine cooler to ensure their collection is preserved safely. If your wine cooler begins exhibiting problems or shuts down, hire our wine cooler repair technicians for a fast fix. We work quickly to get your system operating normally again so you can once more enjoy chilled wine.

Contact our refrigerator repair company to find out more about our commitment to quick arrivals and effective solutions. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients located throughout the entirety of New York, New York.