Refrigerator Repair in Central Park, NY

The quality and keeping of your food and drink have a tremendous impact on your health, and at Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Corp., we’re determined to make sure that impact is a positive one. Through our refrigerator repair in Central Park, NY, we help you–and by extension your guests or customers–to continue storing your sustenance in a way that’s healthy and ideal for everybody. An appliance that isn’t working properly can spell disaster for food and beverages that need to stay cold. This isn’t just a waste of money; it’s a health hazard.

It only takes 2 to 4 hours for meat products to begin to go bad, and it doesn’t take much longer for ice cream to melt or milk to get unappetizingly warm. That’s why it’s important to call our repair company immediately; the longer you wait, the more you stand to lose. We offer refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, and wine cooler repair quickly, correctly, and completely.

When It Comes To Food Quality, You Are What You Eat

The quality of your food plays a big part in how healthy you are. In a matter of hours, food that isn’t held at the proper temperatures can begin to grow bacteria. Eating spoiled meat in particular can result in an upset stomach or even a serious case of food poisoning. For a restaurant, this could result in terrible publicity and the loss of customers. Serving spoiled food to guests at a residential event could ruin your reputation as a good host or hostess. Our freezer repair service can lessen your worry and stop this from happening.

Your health and that of those around you are our top priority, so much so that we maintain a 24/7 availability even on weekends and holidays. Our customers never stop needing food and drink that’s safe to consume, so we never stop offering the repair service they need for that to be possible. Whether it’s late at night, early in the morning, or the middle of the day, we answer your call and get to you as quickly as we can.

Prepared To Take On Any Task

Whether you need freezer, refrigerator, or ice maker repair, we have the tools and the training to make the necessary fix. We only stock authentic Sub-Zero parts and always bring them with us when we come to repair your appliance. This way the process is expedited and your machines receive the best help they can.

We’re honored to help protect your health. Contact us in Central Park whenever your appliance quits cooling.